“From the tide to the trees” – Clinton Stewart 2017-18

The objects that make up this exhibition are the result of a 4-month residency at the Swedish school of textile towards the end of 2017. My time was spent exploring concepts revolving around the acoustic properties of non-woven materials. The process aimed to experiment and reassess existing concepts within the world of acoustic absorption in order to assert a more artistic narrative on top of basic functionality.

During the residency period I travelled each week from Denmark to Sweden and in turn this formed a narrative that became the essence of the displayed works.

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Exhibition Layout
Exhibition Layout
Gradual Increments - Wool Felt & Oak - 2017
Partially Mapped - Embroided Wool Felt - 2017
Sentinels - Wool Felt & Oak - 2017
Tangible - Wool Felt & Oak - 2017
Refluence - Wool Felt & Oak -- Deformed Cube Acoustic Panels - Wool Felt - 2017
Woven/Non Woven Felting Experiments - Indigo Dyed Fabric & Wool Felt - 2017
Embedded - Wool Felt & Oak - 2017
Sentinels - Wool Felt - 2017