Clinton is an Australian designer and craftsman based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With a focus on natural materials and traditional techniques, Clinton endeavours to challenge standard notions within the realms of furniture and spatial design.

There are extended values held by all objects that surround us, functional and emotional values that extend beyond intention and necessity.

When we are in observation mode we have the ability to extract certain values we deem relevant and enticing from objects within our surroundings on a level that inspires us to personify our own values and associations within that reality.

An object holds its own image until someone looks upon it, deconstructs it, and evaluates it according to their own abilities of apprehension and digestion. In short, we all perceive things differently.

Clinton aims to produce images and objects of simplicity and pieces that are easy to create an association with. Objects that are their own yet have absorbed values that have been influential in the production process. His intention is to instigate curiosity in his work, a curiosity that then leads to questioning and contemplation.

In essence Clinton is a materials based designer/artist with minimalist intentions. He approachs each project with curiosity and experimentation in an effort to discover new expressions by reassessing existing concepts and objects in order to create an alternative narrative for others to absorb.