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"Is this knit?" Group exhibition - Kontempo Textiles

The fundamental principles of knitting are defined by repetitious movements that pull, expand, suspend, interlock, intertwine and secure a material in order to create a unified structure that is altogether stronger than the base material in its original form. The multiple loops gradually, yet purposively, link to create pattern and form.

Much like knitting, carving is a process that is enduring and repetitious. A progressive process where each stroke and nick add to the developing structural form or pattern. The transitional and pensive movements calmly pull the work together.

With this piece I have endeavoured to acquire and transpose the essence of knitting into an alternate material. The carved wooden blocks are suspended and united by each other to form a wall piece that mimics a familiar structure often found in the world of knitting. The multiples of blocks interlock and unite as one piece, mimicking the attributes of a knitted form and posing the question......what is, this knit?