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My New Wave Shaker Chair is a modern interpretation of a traditional hand crafted wooden Shaker chair. My concept behind this chair was to use the idea of creating restrictions within the design process. The Dogma approach was employed to help push and harness the creative process. I restricted the process by challenging the following barriers, whilst trying to maintain a humbled yet distinctive form.

- The chair must have a historical relationship.

- The chair must be produced using natural materials.

- The chair must have a modern feel, yet embrace earlier methods of production.

- The chair must be produced using recycled wood.

The design is produced from recycled floorboards obtained by a manufacturer in Copenhagen. The dimensions of the floor boards, 60cm x 7cm x 2.5cm, meant that the design was restricted by the size of the available material. 8 to 12 floorboards are needed to produce this chair (Depending on quality).